Happy Hour (4PM-7PM Monday-Thursday)
Well Cocktails - $6, Domestic Bottle Beers - $4, House Wine (Red, White) - $6
White Rhino Patio And Cocktail Bar
319 Milby St
HoustonTX 77003
White Rhino Patio And Cocktail Bar
Cocktail Bar in Houston, TX
White Rhino Patio And Cocktail Bar |319 Milby StHoustonTX77003 | (832) 962-8816

Excellent Selection of Cocktails Available! Enjoy A Great Drink and Support a Worthy Cause!

Cocktail Bar in Houston, TX

Your Friday Night Destination!

White Rhino Patio And Cocktail Bar is the newest cocktail bar on the Houston scene! We are an environmentally conscious and sustainable bar with two missions: to support the conservation of white rhinos and to give you a place to enjoy refreshing drinks. We accomplish both by providing a menu full of tasty cocktails, then donating the proceeds from your drinks to wildlife charities. So kick back, relax, and sip a handcrafted cocktail on our outdoor patio. By doing so, you’re supporting a good cause!

What Makes Us So Special?

  • Outdoor Patio
  • Private Event Space
  • Locally Sourced Beers
  • Handcrafted Cocktails
  • Delicious Small Bites
  • And Supporting White Rhino Conservation!

What’s Going On With The White Rhinos?

We’re white rhino lovers here! And for a good reason—this beautiful and noble animal has a rich history, and they’re vital to certain environments in Africa. But their numbers are quickly dwindling. Poachers pick them off one by one for their horns. To combat this, our cocktail bar supports several wildlife conservation organizations that focus on the preservation of this beautiful species. You can help us keep this species alive by supporting our cocktail bar!

White Rhino was recently named as one of "The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Houston" by thebarbacks.com. Click the link below to have a look!

Check it Out!

White Rhino was recently featured on Samantha Brown's Places to Love Houston, Texas on PBS. Skip to 18:33 to learn some fun facts about us!


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Enjoy a cool, refreshing cocktail or locally sourced beer with friends here. We’re located at 319 Milby St in Houston, TX. Contact us today at (832) 962-8816 or fill out the form below!

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