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Conservation Initiatives

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Protecting the White Rhinos

When we see news of white rhino numbers dropping or more poachers on the rise, it breaks our hearts. Every day, poachers take out more members of this protected species to sell their horns on the black market. To do our part in supporting conservation and anti-poaching efforts, we’re donating some of our profits! Our money will go to conservation organizations that track, tag, and monitor white rhino populations. Please support us as we fight to keep this species alive!


Fast Facts About White Rhinos:

  1. White rhinos are classified as near threatened.
  2. The white rhino has two subspecies, the Northern and the Southern white rhino.
  3. The Northern white rhino is functionally extinct. Only two females exist today, and they are protected 24/7 by armed guards.
  4. Southern white rhino numbers are greater. About 19,000—21,000 Southern white rhinos exist, most of them in protected areas or private reserves.
  5. Poaching is the biggest threat to white rhino preservation.
  6. Since opening in January 2021 | we’ve given to multiple rhino-saving organizations. Check out some of our contributions:

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